Friday, May 3, 2013


     Good afternoon everyone :) It's Friday finally... yayyyyyyyy :) I hope you all have had a really awesome week. If not then I apololgize :/ I want some feedback from my blog please. I want to know what kind of things you all would like to see me write about or what you all think needs to be focused on. I want to write about things that can help YOU. Or others you know need the help. So prettttty please leave a comment on how you think my blog is. Maybe what you would change or add or keep or anything. Even if it's just a simple, "your blog is going well". Feedback from everyone would be highly appreciated. Or if you don't want to leave a comment or aren't able to, please email me at "". This blog is all about the prevention of bullying so keep spreading the word in every way you can. People have been doing good job at spreading the word and being the difference, so keep at it and share share share! If you're comfortable with it, I'd also like you to email me an experience you've been through or something you've witnessed or how you overcame something, etc. Sharing those stories with me would benefit others a whole bunch. So please, don't feel obligated. Thank you guys! :)

We're all in this together and you will never be alone. Remember, talk to anyone at all because there is always someone. You contact me at "". I'll always be there and you can count on it.

 This blog is all about bullying prevention. I need your help to prevent it. You guys are doing a great job at sharing my links and being the difference! :)  Please share this link and, ";postID=3910168554268041375" and,  "" and, "" and, ""  on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, email, tell people, just please share it! Help be the difference, be sure to give every single person you see today or talk to today a compliment. 
Make a difference to todaySpeak up, I am.  


  1. I am thankful for young people like you that are making a difference! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you very much, that means a lot!