Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bullycide: When Bullying Causes Suicide

     Nearly 1 in 12 teens attempt suicide per year. You and I both know that all those teens didn't do that because of a mental illness. Or maybe it was? A different form perhaps? Caused by bullying maybe? I could take that as a definite yes. Before I get started, I'd like to point this out,
No one, and I clearly mean no one, deserves to feel the need like they don't belong here anymore. YOU"RE ALL WORTH MORE THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE, and I  seriously mean that from the bottom of my heart.
    First off, I'd like to have a talk to the bullies. Whatever you're doing, stop. Seriously. It's only making you look really bad and heck, I know you're way better than that. But you're saying, "oh, people treat me the same way all the time so what's the difference?!" or "my parents told me to stick up for myself so that's what I'm doing" or "my friends laugh at me and I'm considered cool" etc. Okay... for one, find new friends? Whoever thinks that making fun of someone is funny, needs to take a step back and think. For two, people treat you like that? Hm, if you obviously know how it makes you feel then why in the world are you doing it? C'mon people, it's common sense. For three, your parents told you to stick up for yourself... I highly doubt that's what they meant. Guaranteed actually. That one is just a lazy excuse in my opinion. So now I have a new game for you and this is simply all you have to do: Stop. Think. Act. Simple? It can be. Challenging? Sure will be. Worth it? Worth more than you know. If you put that game (that I know ALL of you will play from now on right? Right. Okay good.) into every circumstance that you can think of (and of course using your common sense in the process) then you will turn out to be a much better person. Hey, who would've known. But seriously guys, I know this all sounds like common sense and yada yada yada. But if it's really common sense, then why aren't you doing it.

     Now I'd like to have a discussion with all of you who are feeling down in the dumps and aren't having the most positive thoughts.  I'm going to throw out a few scenarios out of tons. Sooooo, your bff4lyfe turns out to be the one talking all kinds of smack about you. Maybe you aren't as built as those girls. Maybe you don't throw a football as good as that bench warmer. Maybe your car is a 2007 instead of that other guys who has a 2008. Maybe your parent picks on you as if your just some punk or airhead who doesn't know anything. Have you ever thought that maybe your bff4lyfe is being mean to you to show you that she clearly can't reach your standards so she's just given up? Have you ever thought that your parent grew up being picked on by their parents, or maybe they're just mad at themselves so they use the anger out on you since you're the easiest target? Or maybe your parents have just given up so they don't know what else to do. Now, have you ever felt alone? I know we all have. Did you know you're not alone? Who ever else has read this post is agreeing to that same statement so that right there shows you that you're not alone. I've felt alone. Many times. But I never gave up on myself. Never have I ever thought to take my own life because I know that just because I was treated so wrongly, it would teach me life lessons. We all have been given some kind of talent. It may be huge or it could be really small. But you can turn that talent into something bigger and better and greater. If you were to take your own life then you couldn't make your talent grow. You couldn't find your talent or show your talent. You couldn't be your talent. You're probably thinking, "what does talent have to do with anything?" Well I think that talent makes you, you. Talent brings out the best in you and bringing out the best in out the real you and the real you is more special then either one of us could ever imagine. So now that you're the real you, you can surround yourself with people who accept you. And with acceptance comes with happiness. Do me a huge favor and be you this week. Show me what you overcome and find and show your talent. I have a little secret... in the end, you've found your talent, you've found you and you've found the people who are worth your time, but in the end, you've found your greatest talent. And that's being you, because you, are absolutely amazing.

     So now that I've given you all something to work on I expect you to be busy this week in being happier and better people. Be happy, accepting, nice and loving. Don't give yourself a bad reputation. Now remember, if anyone needs to talk or vent or what not, please contact me!!! I want to help and I always have the time to help. You can always email me at "". If you don't feel comfortable talking to me, there is and always be someone there for you. It could be the least expected person but they are there, Promise promise promise pinky promise. Remember you are not, and never will be alone.

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  1. Haley, please keep writing. This is good stuff and people need to read it!